Come and get STONED and PLASTERED with us

We stock the whole range of sand and stone for all your building needs. Inclusive of sub base material for roads through to double washed plaster sand for finishing and even playpen sand for the kiddies and big bunkers.


A naturally occurring sand which can be used for mortar for laying bricks. The aggregate comes in various colours from various areas for various uses, as an example a yellow building sand for use in face brick applications. There is a correct grading for the quality of sand required and this meets industry standards.


River sand is a granular sand used mainly in the application of concrete and screening. Concrete is the base material used for foundation and slabs. River sand also finds it application in decorative plastering and moulded applications.





Crushed stone is used in the mixture of concrete and the sizes vary from a 6mm through to a 26mm in these applications. Crushed stone in larger sizes is used for sub base material eg, G5, G6, G7 and other G materials.





Plaster sand is a much finer aggregate used in the process of plaster work applications. Mixing plaster sand with cement creates a plastering compound for a plaster skin over cement or clay stock bricks which would be painted after.





Sub base materials make up the load bearing layer directly beneath the overlying surface bed, it serves as the foundation for the overall top structure. Layers are formed by spreading the aggregate in thin layers and the compacting it with heavy equipment until the aggregate forms a dense layer of interlocking aggregate. The aggregate is composed of sand, gravel, crushed rock, crushed recycled building rubble and other natural mineral materials that provide the necessary strength and durability. The aggregate must meet specific gradation requirements.


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