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General purpose composite cement

iTe CEMENT conforms to the International Quality Standard SABS SANS 50197-1 in the CEM IV/ B (V) 32.5R strength class.

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General purpose composite cement

Pharaoh Cement is an SABS SANS 50197-1 mark carrying, 32.5N general purpose construction cement for brick laying, plaster, screeding and general building work. Sophisticated blending and packaging operations ensure stringent quality standards are upheld. Our reputation with customers is that of consistency in a high quality product.


BB Cement durability

Factors affecting durability are:


Pure cement expands from free lime and magnesium. The amount of expansion is governed by the amounts of free lime and magnesium. All products blended into our cement are inert and do not contribute to expansion and the cement will expand 50% less than pure cement and will therefore last longer.

Sulphate attack:

Attacks from sulphates (like sewage and some soil conditions that have high sulphate levels) cause concrete to deteriorate. The main reaction between the sulphate and cement is the alumina content of the cement.

BB Cement’s alumina content is 50% less than that of pure cement. Therefore possibility of sulphate attack is reduced by 50% and will last longer.

Chloride attack:

Chloride attacks take place when there are salts in the sand and water.  The salts migrate to the steel reinforcing bars in the concrete and cause rusting. The migration is ionic and the chloride ions migrate to the steel. When the rust builds up the concrete will eventually crack and disintegrate.



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