cement-brickCement bricks are suitable for any building project provided the correct strength factor unit is used for specific applications. A cement brick comes in various strengths namely; 7mpa, 10mpa and 14mpa. Each has its application on the load bearing of the layers above, i.e. single story to multiple story buildings. Cement bricks are made by blending aggregates and cement together and inserting the combined mixture into hydraulic machinery with a specific mould. The moulded product comes out after being vibrated and compressed and left to cure until it has reached the required strength as above.



Brick size: 220mm x 100mm x 70mm
Average weight:  Approx. 2.3kg

Why use a cement brick, maxi or block:

  • Various strength factors available
  • Uniform size and shape in various categories.
  • Competitive and affordable pricing.
  • Great for plastering applications as the rough surface ensures a good hold
  • Long lasting durable product.
  • Lighter in weight than the clay counterpart.
  • Consistency in class of product.



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