Moss may look harmful when on your roof, but if its not dealt with it can severely damage your roof.

Most people think that moss makes your roof look beautiful especially because of its rich green color. However, do not be deceived moss can damage your roof causing you to spend money on roof repairs. Moss is commonly found in damp areas and with a little sunlight it is able to reproduce and grow. If you have noticed moss growth on your roof, then it is time to find ways of getting rid of it before it becomes a threat to your roofs structure. There are ways mentioned below in which you can stop moss from damaging your roof.

Keep your roof clear of overgrown tree branches. One of the ways in which you can prevent moss from growing on your roof, is by getting rid of overhanging tree branches. Make a habit of trimming any overgrown branches so that there is no moisture build up on the roof caused by overgrown branches resting on the roof. Get rid of moss around your property. In order to avoid moss spores from landing on your roof, you should get rid of moss around your property so as to reduce the chances of airborne moss from landing on your roof. Use a metal flashing on the ridge of your roof. Another way to prevent moss from damaging your roof is by using a metal flashing system on the ridge of your roof.

The metal has chemicals that can wash out over time hence streaming down your roof and as a result prevent any solid growth area conductive for moss reproduction. Use thread shingle on your roof. When laying your roof it is advisable to use chemically treated shingles that are resistant to moss and will save the “headaches” of fighting moss of your roof. You can get more advice from your contractor about the chemically treated shingles that are moss resistant when you are installing a new roof or replacing an old one. Clean your roof regularly.

You should clean your roof regularly, to remove debris, and as a way of making sure that the chances of moss growing on your roof are nil. Wash your roof with soapy water and allow it to dry so that there is no room for moss to reproduce on your roof. Washing your roof once a week will help with the prevention of moss damage to your roof.

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