A suggestion prior to building your new house or envisaged home alteration – make contact with your local building inspector to get advice from him/her as to how to progress with your proposals, this will include the drawing up and submission of plans an all important areas of concern.  He/she can assist with the initial plan drawing (perhaps for himself doing some moonlighting), knowing all the loopholes that can be encountered as he sees to the progress of the application to its final approval. He too knows that it will finally be accepted and will possibly permit construction to proceed prior to drawings being approved.  Furthermore you have a receptive qualified person allied to you as well as unpaid clerk of works assisting you (you will gift him on job completion), in speedily and correctly seeing your project to completion,

We will assist where we can with quality and cost effective products (or suggest alternate sources) with an efficient delivery service thus satisfying you and hopefully impressing the building inspector and contractor for our exposure and recommendations for other of their projects.

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