Hint:  Hold hammer with both hands to avoid striking fingers.

Rule of Thumb:

There  are approximately 12 – 13 wheelbarrows of Sand/stone to 1m3 or again approximately 30 pockets cement = 1m³.

A general mortar mix stones/sand – 5 wheelbarrows – 1 wheelbarrow cement (2 pockets)

Other useful information:

1m³ building sand, stone, 5 pockets cement for 1000 bricks.

1m³ plaster sand – 5 pockets cement for 50m2 area;

Stock bricks 55 units m² (single leaf)

Cement paving bricks 50 per m2.

Housing Humour

Little boy comes crying to Mom.  She asks him why is he crying?  He answers “Dad hit his finger with the hammer”.  She says “you should not cry, you should laugh”.  He answers, “I did”.

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