*Remove your existing door. This can be done by removing the pins in the hinges or by completely unscrewing the hinges from the door frame.

*Measure your door and purchase the same size from your local hardware store.

*Use your existing door as a template for hinge location. Mark the areas where the hinges should go. Hollow core doors will require 2 hinges and solid doors will require 3 hinges.

*Use your chisel to chisel away the section of the door that you marked for the hinges. The hinges should lie flush with the surface of the door when you are done. This can also be done with a router.

*Install the hinges into the door with a drill. Be sure to drive all screws in so that they are flush.

*Re-install the new door into the existing frame, you may need to plane the door edges.

*Drill and chisel openings for the door knob and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install.


The Sandpit Team

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