Effective Protection.

Wood maintenance is all about protecting wood & keeping wood looking good. It’s about protecting wood from harmful UV rays of our strong South African sun. It’s also about protecting wood from damage by water, rain or dew. Sunshine or rain, Woodoc exterior sealers take it all in their stride. Woodoc exterior sealers are designed to deep penetrate the surface of the wood, bonding with & nourishing it. Woodoc exterior sealers provide an attractive & protective barrier against UV damage & moisture penetration.

Easy maintenance – the Woodoc tested, tried & trusted system .

Woodoc recognizes that any surface finish exposed to the elements will age in time. The life & appearance of the surface can be enhanced with regular applications of Woodoc penetrating weatherproof wax. This product not only keeps the surface clean, but the inbuilt UV inhibitors help prolong the life of the finish. It’s unique deep penetration action through the surface finish re-nourishes the wood below., enriching the grain & keeping it looking good.

Easy Refurbishing.

When the inevitable time occurs for renovation, Woodoc makes it easy for you. The weathered Woodoc surface biodegrades. All it needs is a wipe down with mineral turpentine & Woodoc steelwool. No more having to remove hard, chipped & flaking surfaces. No more scraping & heavy sanding. Then just another application of nourishing & protecting Woodoc & your woodwork will look superb.

Protect your wood in style .

Woodoc’s renowned range of exterior sealers gives you a choice of colors & even more protection against the harsh rays of the South African sun. The pigments in Woodoc 35 & 55 add extra UV protection to Woodoc exterior sealers. The Woodoc exterior sealers are available in clear, meranti, russet, or dark brown, in low gloss or gloss.

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