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Stain Removal Tips

Do you have an embedded wet glass or other stain on your expensive top you cannot remove?

Try this – place a damp cloth over the stain and iron the cloth with a hot iron.  “Voila!” – stain gone permanently

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Painting Tip by Sandpit

When painting or sealing an external wooden or steel door that is exposed to the elements, always endeavour to apply sealer or varnish to that inaccessible but most vulnerable area, the underside edge of door where water pools after running off the face of the door, due to wind driven rain, and is absorbed and […]

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House It

We are now well into the new year.  Soon it will be Easter, then Christmas again (it comes up so fast).  The cricket tests are over for a while and at least we somehow redeemed our image by winning the last and final test against the English. So back to work.  All is not gloom […]

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House It

A suggestion prior to building your new house or envisaged home alteration – make contact with your local building inspector to get advice from him/her as to how to progress with your proposals, this will include the drawing up and submission of plans an all important areas of concern.  He/she can assist with the initial […]

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How to Build a Garage Step by Step – Part 1

The general process can be summarized as consisting of the following steps.

1. Understand your local rules and make a plan

2. Get the appropriate permits

3. Get quotes and contracts from any subcontractors

4. Order materials

5. Begin construction. Getting periodic inspections as required.

6. Get more materials

7. Continue construction

8. Curse your incompetence

9. Get more materials

10. Repeat steps 7-9


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Hanging a Door

*Remove your existing door. This can be done by removing the pins in the hinges or by completely unscrewing the hinges from the door frame.

*Measure your door and purchase the same size from your local hardware store.

*Use your existing door as a template for hinge location. Mark the areas where the hinges should go. Hollow […]

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Weeds Growing Between your Paving

Instead of getting the gardener to pick them out every week, Or using a dangerous chemical that may harm you other plant or pets, Here is something you should try: Mix salt with water & pour it between the paving, this stops the weeds from growing. It won’t harm your other plants & your pets […]

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Applying Woode Sealers

When applying wood sealers the following basics will help you achieve the best results:

• Use as large a brush as possible.

• It pays to buy a good brush with long bristles.

• Only use a brush that has been thoroughly ceaned.

• Never thin the first coat or any other coats.

• Do not overload the brush, only […]

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