The Sandpit Building Suppliers Johannesburg

We pride ourselves on or Good Advice, Courteous attention and well trained staff. The Sandpit offers a "one-stop-shop" that will service your every building requirement. The items below are mearly some of the products that the Sandpit will be able to offer our clients other products include: Finishing Components, General Building Products and Hardware.


In short The Sandpit has everything you need to get your building product off the ground.

Sand & Stone

We stock the whole range of sand and stone for all your building needs. Sand


We stock the whole range of Bricks and for all your building needs.Bricks

Window & Door Frames

We stock the whole range of window frames and door frames for all your building needs. Frame


You can't buy a better paint for less!!.




Our timber is manufactured to very stringent quality specifications.Bricks


We have your building Viagra- all stock to make you HARD Frame